Work Moves teaches how to:

• Improve the mind-body connection using Pilates principles.

• Utilize  core muscles to support the spine.

• Find and mantain proper posture.

• Incorporate movement breaks into the workday.

• Release tight and overworked muscles. 

Manuals are included with both workshops and can be held at your place of business or at Evolve Pilates

 in Gainesville. Contact us to schedule.

In this 3 hour workshop you will learn techniques to improve your seated and standing posture as well as a 20 minute Pilates based home program and a home self-massage routine.

In our one hour workshop you will learn 3 simple Pilates principles to improve your posture seating and standing and increase overall wellness in the workplace and out.

The 5-10-20 Program
Posture Works

We offer two workshops to fit your workplace's needs 

Work Moves will:
• Increase employee well-being.
• Improve concentration and productivity.
• Reduce  employee tension and fatigue.
.• Prevent injuries.